Friday, 19 October 2012

"Armchair Copy"

When I was last active on HF, in 2003, I hadn’t experienced the transient pleasures of a strong 10m opening. The solar cycle was way down on the current crescendo.

For the second day running, I’ve been receiving strong, clear, frequency modulated signals from far afield that sound as if they’re just down the road. Using my FT-817 (5W) and a small Miracle Whip antenna I had a fantastic QSO into Greece. Only a little QSB here and there presented any challenge. I tuned lower in the band to hear a W2 station calling CQ using AM – well I just had to try! I’m actually quite staggered he heard my signal, but obviously not strong enough to discriminate any speech. That would have been expecting too much.

Today on 29.620 the New York repeater, KQ2H, was booming in at 5/9+, of course. European stations a few hundred miles or less apart, were talking to each other via a lengthy transatlantic trip. The FM capture effect ensured that my QRP signal wasn’t fully heard, though I suspect I accessed the repeater more than once.

I’ll look forward to a little more 10m FM while it lasts. Congratulations if you’ve enjoyed a DX ‘armchair copy’ this week.


  1. I have not been on much this week due to work but I have seen Julian's blog G4ILO and his many WSPR reports regarding 10m. Now it sounds like FM and AM is rocking as well.

  2. Well, Mike - I'm going to have a go at WSPR too in the near future. I was staggered when Tim G4VXE made Australia on 40m with 1W! I may try 1W with just a Miracle Whip for fun and see how far we get.

    Thanks for reading the blog and I'm enjoying your articles too on

    Vy 73, Rob.